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I came across one of Nadav’s postings by total serendipity, and I’m so glad I did. Throughout our interactions he was honest, warm, forthcoming, timely, helpful, and dedicated. When I didn’t get the first apartment I put in an application for ( I moved a bit too slow), he helped me find something that was an even better fit. Within a day he lined up several other places to show me- thoughtful of my priorities and criteria in location, space, & price. He appeared to take on a personal stake in finding the right home for me. I felt that, at every stage of the process, Nadav went above and beyond. For example, he stayed late so I could come and sign the application. He even came with me after the lease was signed to help me take measurements of the new space which was incredibly kind. Moving, even under auspicious circumstances, can be an arduous, daunting, and stressful experience. Nadav made the whole process a bit easier and way more fun for me. Next time I have friends moving into the city, I’ll insist they reach out to Nadav straight away.
Tracy Markowitz 4/30/2019

April 2019 by Tracy Markowitz