What Happens When You Combine Passion, Style, and Experience?

Introducing Alpha Furnished Apartments - The division of Alpha Properties dedicated to short-term completely furnished apartments in NYC.

We have integrated our passion for interior design and style with our decades of experience in the New York City real estate market. From this place of inspiration we created Alpha Relocation.

Unreasonable Competition Meet Alpha Relocation

For years at Alpha Properties we have seen a growing disparity between the demand for short term furnished rentals and the supply of actual quality furnished apartments at an affordable cost.

The market has become full of over-priced, cheaply furnished rentals with little sense of design.

Alpha offers:

·         Attention to details

·         Quality apartments and furnishings with unique design

·         Affordable pricing

·         Extreamly satisfied tenants

We make sure all of our listings are up to the quality and standards you deserve. Take a look at the listings we offer below.  

For additional info/questions please contact [email protected]